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Collection of websites that contain information about dry stone landscapes and its architecture. Most of links are local examples. It must be said that it only includes information of active websites. Unfortunately, this criterion inevitably excludes some information of great interest on the subject of dry stone, but which cannot be consulted from a web page.


Barraques a Sant Llorenç del Munt

This section on a personal website is dedicated to dry stone barraques (vineyard-related buildings) within the Sant Llorenç del Munt range. Each structure has a descriptive file and is included in one of fifteen landscapes or mountain towns.

Barraques de pedra seca a Mont-roig del Camp

Complete information from the Centre Miró in Mont-roig del Camp on dry stone in the municipality, including news items on the subject.

Barraques de pedra seca de Subirats

Personal web for the purpose of giving information on dry stone constructions and particularly the vineyard huts in the municipality of Subirats (Alt Penedès).

Barraques de Vinya

Personal website featuring various articles related with the world of dry stone and protecting the heritage of rural constructions.

Barraques de vinya del Parc de Collserola

This section on the Collserola Park website is dedicated to vineyard-related buildings classified according to their type. The nearly 150 constructions inventoried are georeferenced via Google Maps.

Barraques i construccions de pedra seca a l'Anoia

Construccions de pedra seca (les cabanes de volta)

Web of the Town Hall of Borges Blanques (the Garrigues) with a short summary on vaulted cabins in the district.

L'art de la pedra en sec a Vinebre

The art of dry stone at Vinebre (Ribera d'Ebre) contains general information on the technique and an explanation of the various forms constructed.

Les tines de Nèspola

Parc de Pedra Tosca

Agricultural park formed by a labyrinth of roads, fields, dry-stone walls and huts built in volcanic stone. The restoration project, recognised with awards such as the 4th Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize (2006), has enabled the traditional landscape of this area to be restored. It is part of The Volcanic Region of La Garrotxa Natural Park.

Patrimoni rural i natural de la Conca de Barberà

Web which describes in detail various elements of rural architecture existing in Conca de Barberà. Most of these elements are dry stone constructions.

Pedra seca a Castellolí

This website serves to create an inventory of approximately 50 dry stone barraques linked to wine growing in the town of Castellolí (l'Anoia). All the buildings have their own file and are georeferenced via Google Maps.

Pedra seca. Barraques i cossiols. Ruta del Cister

Blog which inventories, using photographs, items of the dry stone heritage in the north part of the Alt Camp. Each photograph is described in detail by the author and, in some cases, he identifies the threats affecting these constructions. (Vall de Camprodon)

Portail répertoriant les structures en pierre sèche de la Vallée de Camprodon (Ripollès), ainsi que leurs coordonnées et leur description.


Very clear teaching information on constructions in dry stone in the area of Cap de Creus (Alt Emporda), with links on the subject and a good selection of photographs.

Recull, localització i descripció d'estructures de pedra en sec a la Vall de Camprodon

This personal website has an inventory of approximately sixty dry stone structures on the northern side of the Cavallera mountain range within the towns of Llanars and Vilallonga de Ter (Vall de Camprodon, Ripollès). Divided into seven areas, each shepherd''s cottage includes a detailed file including its location, traits and state of conservation.

Ses parets seques de Cadaqués

Personal website that inventories the various types of dry stone in the town of Cadaqués (Alt Empordà).




Casetas y casetones

Complete web of the dry stone houses in Somontano (Aragon) close to the river Vero, with links and explanations and an itinerary to be followed on foot, prepared with the support of the Centro de Estudios del Somontano de Barbastro (Somontano Study Centre at Barbastro).

La piedra en seco de la Iglesuela del Cid

La ruta de la pedra en sec de Nonasp


Dry stone walling in Mallorca

Page from the Council of Majorca with ample information on dry stone constructions in the island and a summary of itineraries.


Centro de visitantes de la Piedra en Seco - La Puente del Valle

Website of the Government of Cantabria with information about dry stone buildings, history, construction techniques and different routes of interest.


Cucos, bardales y chozas a Higueruela

Information on dry stone constructions in the village of Higueruela (Albacete).


L'home i la pedra

Information on dry stone constructions in the northern part of the Castellón districts, in the areas of Catí, Tírig and Albocasser (Alt Maestrat), one of the areas with greater frequency of these structural elements in the landscape.






Dry stone architecture

Full documentation and news on the dry stone heritage in France.

Les Capitelles de l'Uzège

Information on the dry stone refuges in Uzège, in the Gard Department in southeast France. These dry stone constructions are linked to scrub-type landscapes.

Patrimoine pierre sèche

French portal on architecture in dry stone. Links with various associations for protection of the dry stone heritage.

Pierre sèche

Portal on dry stone in France and nearby areas. Includes current and historical images of constructions contributed by collaborators. It also contains sections on building techniques and links to the rest of the French portals on the same subject.

Pierres Sèches des Corbières Orientales

Personal website that makes the inventory of dry stones shed and other interesting rural structures, as wells, milestones, apiary and a tunnel, in the limit of the municipality of Fitou and the six adjacent municipalities, Caves, Feuilla, Leucate, Opoul, Salses and Treilles, forming the eastern part of the massif of Corbières. This inventory begins in November of 2014 and ended at May of 2016.



Official web of the locality of Alberobello, in the Italian Puglia region, declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Le Pajare

Information of all kinds on the heritage in the area of Muro in the region of Lecce, in the extreme southeast of Italy. With graphic information and a section with summaries of various dry stone constructions around the Mediterranean.

Pajare e costruzioni a secco (Salve Terra Noscia)

General information on dry stone construction.


Construit par l'homme - pour l'homme et la nature

Web of the Action Foundation for protection of the Environment with a section devoted to dry stone walls, with an explanation on how to build a dry stone wall.


Dry Stone Walling

Scotsman Norman Haddow gives various examples of types of constructions of dry stone walls and boundaries.


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