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Collection of websites that contain information about outstanding heritage trees. It must be said that it only includes information of active websites. Unfortunately, this criterion inevitably excludes some information of great interest on the subject of dry stone, but which cannot be consulted from a web page.


Heritage trees at Masjoan farmhouse

Information on the heritage trees at Masjoan farmhouse in Espinelves. The arboretum contains mostly conifers, many over 40m high, originally planted between 1860 and 1911 by the owner of the farmhouse.

Heritage trees in Catalonia

List of the protected heritage trees in Catalonia. The website of the Government of Catalonia, provides access to the list of heritage trees in Catalonia classified by regions and towns, to the list of trees of regional and local interest, and to the specific legislation on this subject.

Heritage trees in Els Ports Massif

Brief description of the heritage trees in Els Ports Natural Park, courtesy of Terres de l'Ebre County tourism promotion website.

Listed trees of Girona

Web of Girona City Hall Municipal Unit of Territorial Analysis, where the city's listed trees are identified and located on a map.

Monumental trees in Agullana

The Agullana (Alt Empordà) Town Hall website lists the monumental trees in the town, describing their location, traits and other historical and social miscellaneous facts.

Trees of local interest in Alt Empordà County

Web inventory of trees of local and not protected interest of the Alt Emporda county, created by the Institució Alt Empordanesa per a l'Estudi i Defensa de la Natura (IAEDEN).

Trees of local interest in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council's Department of Parks and Gardens inventory of trees of local interest in the city, grouped by district

Trees of local interest in Maresme County

Maresme County Council website listing trees of local and county interest.

Trees of local interest in Mollet del Vallès

Mollet del Vallès Town Council inventory of listed trees of outstanding or botanical interest in the town.




Outstanding trees and groves of Andalusia

The Environment Department website of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia has carefully compiled an extensive inventory of trees and groves in Andalusia, grouped by province. The characteristics of each tree and grove are given here, together with a direct link to Google Maps and Google Earth.


Heritage trees of Huesca

Information on outstanding heritage trees in la Sierra de Guara and the rest of the province of Huesca. The website proposes different routes for visitors.

Outstanding trees of Linares de Mora

Information on the most outstanding trees in Linares de Mora, a town in the autonomous region of Aragon.


Yew trees of Asturias

The tourist information website of the autonomous region of Asturias provides access to information on its outstanding heritage yew trees.


Exceptional trees of the Balearic Islands

List of heritage trees of the Balearic Islands, classified island by island.


Exceptional trees of the Canary Islands

The association Rincones del Atlántico provides a brief list of the most outstanding trees of the Canary Islands.

Monumental trees in Tenerife

Web of the Government of Tenerife which allows you to enquire about the monumental trees in each of its municipalities.


Special trees of Cantabria

List of the exceptional trees of the autonomous region of Cantabria classified by species and localities.


Exceptional trees of Alto Esla

Brief details on the ancient or outstanding trees to be found in this part of the province of León.

Exceptional trees of Luyego

Section on the town's most outstanding trees in the municipal information website of Luyengo (Province of León).

Trees and copses of Burgos

Page of the municipal website of Burgos containing a short description of the most outstanding copses and trees.


Heritage trees of Extremadura

Information on the heritage trees of the autonomous region of Extremadura. Can be accessed through the region's network of protected natural areas.


Exceptional trees in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid

Itinerary that takes visitors to the 17 most outstanding trees of the botanical garden, which contains more than 1,500 specimens.


Heritage trees of Valencia

Basic, technical and legal information on heritage trees of the province of Valencia. Information drawn up by el Departamento de los Árboles Monumentales de la Diputació de València.



Old trees in the Netherlands and Europe

Web page in English by Jeroen Philippona with detailed information on outstanding heritage trees of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.


Trees in Belgium

List of the outstanding heritage trees of Belgium. Contains many photographs.


Arbres remarquables de la Bourgogne (Exceptional trees of the Burgundy region)

Information web page listing the most exceptional trees of the Burgundy region in France. Also provides information on the state of these trees.

Exceptional trees of french woods

Information web page of l'Office National des Forêts, containing the most exceptional trees of the French woods.


Baumveteranen, unsere knorrigen Freunde (Old trees, our gnarled friends)

Images of some of the most remarkable trees of interest of Germany. Also has a link to the photographs of Jürgen Hüfner.


Heritage trees of Italy

Database showing the outstanding heritage trees of Italy. Classified by provinces.


Heritage trees in Poland

Web page in English by Tomasz Niechoda that provides a wide range of information on outstanding heritage trees in Poland.

The Rogalin Landscape Park

Poland Natural Park website mainly created to preserve the monumental and symbolic oaks of the valley of Warta.


Guide to Native British trees

Guide to the native trees of the British Isles managed by The Woodland Trust. Users can access the Trust's magazine, booklist and selection of images and much additional information.

The Tree Register

Web page listing the most outstanding trees of the British Isles and Ireland. There are currently more than 125,000 entries.



A world community of old trees

An eco-art project on ancient trees. The web contains artistic representations of trees using materials and techniques ranging from painting and drawing to photography.

Record-holding trees

Very educational site, dedicated to the world of trees, with a page on record-holding trees the world over.

Venerable trees of the earth

Information in English and French on the most outstanding heritage trees of the planet. Excellent selection of photos and many recommended links.


Giant trees in Victoria

Historical photographs of great interest of the tallest trees of Victoria.

Giant Trees of Tasmanië

Reference website containing impressive photographs of the tallest trees of Tasmania (mostly Eucalyptus).


Big Trees on Salt Spring Islands

Shows the many trees on the Salt Spring islands in Canada. There is a large selection of images and descriptions of the most outstanding specimens.


The champion trees of Puerto Rico

List of the biggest trees of Puerto Rico, drawn up by the International Institute of Tropical Forestry, part of the Forestry Service of the United States.


100 Trees of Alabama

The state of Alabama's list of its 100 most outstanding trees.


Access to information on the oldest North-American trees.

Redwood Grove

Information on the most emblematic woods and trees of California. Large selection of photographs and links section for further study or visits to the most outstanding trees, such as those of Redwood National Park.

The National Register of Big Trees of America

A list of the outstanding heritage trees and of all the species of trees that live in the United States. On the American Forests Organisation website.

The Tallest, Biggest and Oldest Trees

Shows a journey along the Pacific coast to find the highest, biggest and oldest trees.

Trees for Milleniums

Information about exceptional American trees.


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