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55. October-December 17
Butlletí trimestral de l'Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya

Photography and landscape

Clara Nubiola

I remember the day. It's been a few years now —I hope this does not sound like a story told by someone who has white hair and a stick— since I studied the third year at university. Among the elective courses of the second semester there was, finally, photography.

He presented himself and started talking. [...]
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Biannual Seminar 'Landscape and Image. Photography'
The Centre for Image Research and Diffusion of the Council of Girona and the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia have organised the first edition of the seminar Landscape and Image that will be held l'EspaiCaixa Girona on the 19th and 20th of October, 2017. At the first edition of the seminar, they will analyse the roll of photography as a tool for the interpretation and management of landscape from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. You can check the programme and register here[+]
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New, the app of La Pedra Seca (dry stone)
One of the most important actions of the cooperation project LEADER COL·LABORAxPAISATGE is the creation of the app La Pedra Seca (drystone). This collaborative application for mobiles and tablets allows you to check and catalogue dry stone constructions in Catalonia and in the 85 municipalities that make up the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees and the French Conflent-Canigou region. [+]
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Presentation of the Image Archive of the Observatory
On November 28th at 7 pm, the Image Archive of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia will be presented in Barcelona, a project sponsored by ATLL, Concessionaire of the Generalitat. The Archive is a dynamic tool to preserve, produce, share and disseminate images of landscapes of Catalonia, the images are from the Lansdcape Observatory as well as contributions from other institutions, organizations, and individuals photographers.
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The book Paisatge, economia y empresa now in digital format
The eighth edition of the collection "Plecs de Paisatge", titled Paisatge, economia y empresa (Landscape, economy and business), is now fully available on the Observatory's website. The book gathers the results of the homonymous seminar that was held in November 2015 at the Museum Marítim in Barcelona. It has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of the company ATLL Concesionaria de la Generalitat de Cataluña, S.A. The publication approaches the competitiveness potential and business attraction of landscape, provided that it is not trivialised and its identity is preserved.
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Cycle 'The value(s) of landscape'
The Carulla Foundation, in collaboration with the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, has organised a series of discussion forums with the aim of promoting plural dialogue, in order to contribute to the identification and preservation of landscape values, promoting awareness among citizens. Throughout the three sessions, they will debate on: What is landscape? (24th of October, Barcelona), How to protect it and manage it? (7th of November, Barcelona) and How does it transform? (24th of November, Museu de la Vida Rural, in L'Espluga de Francolí). More information here.
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Terra-lab.cat is a communal and interdisciplinary project that aims to bring the concept of landscape and territory into a "state of debate and creation", based on work performed between artists, photographers and thinkers born after 1968. The project began in 2014, and in 2015 it was awarded the first Lluís Carulla prize. During this year and the following, the results will be presented publicly. Terra-lab.cat is, in the words of the authors themselves, an update on the visual imagery of a country.
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Five years of LALI
Within the celebration of the 5 years of the birth of the Latin American Landscape Initiative, several acts have been organised, including the "Forum LALI 5 years" and the international symposium on Landscape "Thinking and Feeling the Landscape", which will take place in Quindío (Colombia) from the 15th to the 18th of November. Pere Sala i Martí, the Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, will participated in both. 

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Accepted the candidature 'Priorat- Montsant- Siurana, Mediterranean mosaic'
The "Priorat- Montsant-Siurana, Mediterranean mosaic" Candidacy has been accepted to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The candidature will be presented at the UNESCO World Heritage Center next February 2018 to be recognized, if applicable, in 2019. [+]
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Towards the preparation of a landscape law for Mexico
On the 27th, 28th, and 29th of September, the international forum "Towards the Preparation of a Landscape Law for Mexico" was held in Mexico City, where Pere Sala i Martí, Director of the 'Landscape Observatory of Catalonia attended as a speaker. The forum brought together experts in landscape from Latin American and Europe, from various disciplines, to discuss the need to create a landscape law for Mexico and to learn about other experiences and legal protection tools developed in other countries.
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Published the papers of the International conference of landscape observatories
Number 5 of the Uniscape En-Route magazine has published the papers of the international conference of landscape observatories held last February in Amersfoort (Netherlands), with the attendance of more than 100 representatives from 15 countries, among which, the Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia. You can find more information here.
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Guillem Vidal at the photo gallery of the Observatory
Guillem Vidal is the new photographer who illustrates the cover of the Landscape Observatory website and, therefore, he will be part of the Observatory's photo gallery. The selected photographs, resulting from several projects, reflect the human presence through the transformation it performs on the landscape.
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CHeriScape is a landscape-focused network, his aim was to examine more closely how landscape and heritage are mutually supportive concepts which in combination offer a way to release the social and economic benefits of both.
Mediterraneo. Appunti
Daniela Colafranceschi. Museu Molí Paper de Capellades, 2017. ISBN: 9 78-84-697-2547-4.

Catalogue of the homonymous exhibition. In the words of the author herself "'Mediterranean' is a thought, a project attitude, a culture of reading and interpretation of our territories, our spaces, our cities."
Aménager les paysages de l'après
Odile Marcel; Régis Ambroise. Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer, 2015. ISBN: 978- 2843771958.

The Paysages de l'après pétrole group gives voice to the territories involved in the energy transition. They consider the landscape as a solution to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable and harmonious territory development through citizen participation.
Il recupero dei paesaggi degradati. Cinque progetti pilota in Calabria
Massimo Angrilli, Filippo Boschi, Rocco Corrado, Antonio Dattilo. Roma: Gangemi, 2016. ISBN: 978-88-492-3286-8.

The publication describes the five pilot projects, carried out in the region of Calabria, for the recovery of degraded landscape. The methodology used will serve as a protocol for future projects. The programme where this action is framed is called "Network for the protection of local policies".
Immaterielles Kulturerbe formt Kulturlandschaften
Inge Gotzmann, Christa Joist, Anne Segbers. Bonn: BHU, 2016. ISBN: 978-3-925374-48-7.

The book collects a total of thirteen contributions presented at the seminar on cultural landscape and intangible cultural heritage that took place in Hanover in 2016. Through various case studies, it shows how cultural landscapes are shaped by human beings.

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